My Plan – God’s Plan

It’s been a while since I have written a blog post, but to my defense I have had a lot of life changes in the last month. Scratch that, the last 4 months have been pretty crazy. You know what, the last FIVE years have been something in and of themselves.

I think back to when I graduated high school. What comes next? What did I want to do? Who did I want to be? Continue reading

Where’s Elly?

San Diego, California. A beautiful place with a relaxing atmosphere. A friend of mine asked me to go and spend the day at the beach there with her daughter and her. Of course I said yes. Who doesn’t love the sound of waves hitting the beach while laying there with your toes in the sand? I am always amazed at how majestic and beautiful the ocean is. And even more amazed at the awesome God that we serve who created all of its beauty. Psalm 95: 4-5 (ESV) Continue reading